How to Teach Your Son to Shave

There comes a time in a man’s life when he will have to teach his son to shave. It is a special occasion that requires preparation and patience. If you’re ready to share this rite of passage with your son, here are a few steps you can take to make the most of it.

Show your skill

Boys are fascinated by shaving and are eager to learn as much as possible. Before your son is actually ready to shave, allow him to watch you. Talk about what you’re doing so he can begin to process the information. It’s never too early to start these lessons. And give him a razor with the blade removed or an electric shaver with no battery if he wants to practice really young!

Use the time to bond

There will be few times in your life when you will have your son’s undivided attention. Take advantage of this opportunity by extending the conversation beyond shaving. Let your son talk about things that are going on his life. Ask questions, show interest and really listen to the things that he tells you. This small investment of time will strengthen your bond and improve your relationship.

Make the first time special

When your son finally starts to sprout some facial hair, make a big deal of the occasion.  Tell him how mature he looks and present him with his own shaving kit. It doesn’t have to be a family heirloom – it could simply be an electric shaver adorned with wrapping paper, or a razor and can of shaving cream.

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