3 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Husband

last minute gift ideas

Every year, women ask me, “What should I get my husband for Christmas?” My recommendations are rarely tangible items. Instead, I try to convince them to get a Christmas gifts that won’t fit underneath the Christmas tree.

If you’re at a loss as to what to get your husband for Christmas, consider these last minute gift ideas:

Unique Experiences

Many men enjoy trying new things. If your husband always dreamed of being a construction worker, you can buy a package that allows him to operate bulldozers in Vegas.  Perhaps he’s always wanted to swim with sharks, fly a hot air balloon, attend a sporting event, climb Mount Everest, attend a Rolling Stones concert, or Build a Habitat for Humanity Home. These once in a lifetime experiences would be much more memorable than another tie. My wife once surprised me with a “Ride and Drive Experience” where I would ride in a race car with an experienced driver and then take the car around the track by myself. To her surprise, I never learned how to drive a manual transmission car and therefore couldn’t participate. Despite my not being able to enjoy my gift, it was one of the best presents she ever got me, which leads me to the next gift idea.


I’ve always wanted to play the guitar, but I never had the opportunity to learn. Tired of listening to me talk about it, my wife took action and signed me up for guitar lessons. If your husband has expressed interest in learning a new skill or language, he would appreciate this gift of knowledge. In person and online courses are readily available for almost any topic (P.S. – if he doesn’t already know how to drive a manual shift transmission car, I know a guy who can teach him).

A Day/Night Out with the Guys

While women bond through talking and sharing, men build relationships by doing things. Plan a great night out with the guys for your husband and he will be forever grateful. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Fishing trips, poker games or bowling tournaments are great activities to help your husband connect with his friends. This guy time will allow him to burn off some steam and relax while escaping the stresses of everyday life.

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