Reconnecting Over Breakfast on the Weekend

On weekday mornings, my kids and I hardly have time to say goodbye and give each other a kiss on the cheek as we rush to school and work. But weekends are a different story. That’s when we unwind and reconnect. Dinner is so often the focus for family meals that it’s easy to forget the prime opportunity the weekend provides for a full family breakfast.

Each Saturday morning I’m awakened by the smell of fresh biscuits and bacon. I don’t know why my wife started cooking this for breakfast each week, but Saturdays wouldn’t seem right without it. She carefully doles out the portions to ensure everyone receives his or her proper amount: Daddy gets two biscuits and three pieces of bacon; Mommy gets two biscuits and two pieces of bacon; and each child gets one biscuit and one piece of bacon. Inevitably someone tries to pilfer someone else’s bacon, but the culprit is quickly apprehended (I don’t know how they catch me every time). After breakfast, Saturday is usually filled with sports, errands or other family activities and, before we know it, the weekend is nearly over….(read the rest of the post on my Together Counts blog).

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Question: Does your family share a special meal on weekends?

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