Second Generation Power Rangers

I started watching the Power Rangers series when I was in college. I marveled at how cheesy and unpolitically correct it was (the Black Ranger was African-American and the Yellow Ranger was Asian). I tried to look away, but the show kept drawing me back in. My college buddies and I couldn’t understand why we were hooked on this show. Now I realize that the show appealed to me because it reminded me of the shows I watched as a kid: Ultraman, Godzilla, and Voltron.

My sons have since fallen in love with the series (my wife was even addicted to the Power Rangers RPM series). They like the action, goofy monsters and awesome Zords. Their favorite part is when the Zords combine to form the powerful robot who defeats the bad guys.

A few years ago, my older son had a Power Rangers birthday party. All of his friends thought it was the coolest party ever. My younger son has a couple of Power Rangers costumes that he likes wear around the house.

“Daddy come and fight me,” he says after he’s donned his attire.

I’m always upset that I have to play the role of the bad guy. I never get to be a Power Ranger (maybe I need to get my own costume). But I humor him and end up getting defeated every single time.

It’s always great when I can share things from my youth with my kids. Even if it’s a cheesy show from my college days.

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Question: What things from your youth do you like to share with your kids?

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