Quality Time With My Daughter is Serious Business

My 11 year old daughter is a little fashionista. She knows how to take simple outfits and make them look fabulous with her use of accessories and color accents. She’ll add a scarf, a flower, jewelry or even a handmade duct tape hair bow. Her creativity and flair never cease to amaze me.

That’s why she has become the official buyer for my eBay store, Mocha Style. I had moderate success when I was selling mostly men’s fashions, but sales really increased after I took my daughter’s advice and added clothing that appealed to the tween and teen market.

She conducts market research by observing her friends at school and noting the brands that are popular. Then we take a trip to the thrift store to shop for our inventory. My daughter is always so excited when she finds hidden gems.

“Daddy,” she yells. “Look at these jeans. They’ll sell fast.” She shows me two pairs of Abercrombie Cute Stretch jeans.

“Great job,” I say. “Keep looking for more cool stuff.”

On a typical shopping trip, we find several jeans, a few tops, and some handbags. After we sort through our haul, we start taking photos and posting the items to eBay.

I enjoy working with my daughter. Not only do I get to spend quality time with her, but I also get to teach her valuable business skills. We work together to develop creative product descriptions, pricing and shipping strategies, promotion techniques, and manage our expenses, revenues, and profits.

By the way, my daughter was absolute right about those Abercrombie jeans. We bought them for $4.00 and sold each pair for $12.00. She’s definitely on her way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and fashion star.

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Disclosure: I’m a member of eBay’s Parent Panel. All opinions are my own.

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