Family Travel Creates Lifelong Memories

While playing Stack the States  on my iPad, my 11-year old daughter turned to me and said, “Daddy, I just realized that I’ve been to 12 states.”

“That’s cool, sweetheart,” I said. “But you still need to visit 22 more to catch up with Daddy.”

“Don’t worry,” she said confidently. “I plan to get to all 50.”

I certainly hope she does.

Travel is an important part of personal development, and it helps families to grow closer. My family has seen great landmarks such as The Alamo, The St. Louis Arch and Pike’s Peak. We’ve hiked through mountains, lounged on beaches and slid down sand dunes.

Our family trips have not only allowed my kids to see different things, but they have also given them new perspectives on life. I love to see the excitement in their eyes every time they discover something new about another culture or about themselves.

When I was my kids’ age, I longed to have similar experiences, but my single mother couldn’t afford trips that were more extravagant than our annual journey from Houston, TX to Big Cane, LA (you won’t find it on a map). Therefore, I resorted to using books, comics and encyclopedias (yes, I read an entire set from A to Z) as my tour guides. All of this reading piqued my curiosity about the world around me. I became fascinated with far-away places and fantasized about visiting them one day (read the rest of this post on my blog at Together Counts).

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Question: What has been your most memorable family trip?

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