A Sports-Loving Spouse is Something to be Treasured

Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing…” But I found a wife who likes sports and that is a great thing.

I have two men to thank for cultivating my sports loving spouse: KayEm’s father and Michael Jordan.

KayEm and her dad spent countless summer days at Busch Stadium watching their beloved St. Louis Cardinals play baseball. Because of this early indoctrination, she can speak ad nauseum on double switchesthe infield fly rule, and the pros and cons of the DH.

My wife developed an interest in basketball because of Michael Jordan. She insists that was his athleticism and mastery of the game that drew her in. But I know the real reason why she started watching NBA games – she thought Jordan was hot.

Since we’ve been married, KayEm has also become a serious football fan. If she hadn’t, we may not have been able to live in Texas where football is a religion. Unfortunately, I have been unable to convert her into a full-fledged Dallas Cowboys fan. Therefore, I have to tolerate the Houston Texans in order to maintain marital harmony.

Sometimes I think my wife is a bigger sports fan than I am. I no longer have the attention span to spend three hours watching a sporting event on TV. KayEm will remain riveted until the end.

She is also the one who insists that the kids participate in team sports while I’m more interested in their developing technical, academic, and artistic skills.

But when I’m in a sporting mood, I’m glad that I have a companion who I can actively enjoy a game with.

Each year, we mark two occasions on our calendar:

  • The Superbowl (Texans vs. Cowboys would be a dream match-up)
  • The NBA All-Star Weekend

These are special date nights that are non-negotiable. We also plan at least one special weekend when we find a babysitter so we can attend a Houston Rockets game and spend the night at the Hilton. I can’t think of a more romantic evening.

Although I do enjoy watching sports with my friends, it is much more enjoyable to root for my favorite team with the woman I love.

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Question: Do you like to watch sports with your spouse/partner?

P.S. – For KayEm’s perspective on the subject, read our post “To Love Honor and Root for the Cowboys.”

P.S.S. – Go Cowboys!



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