The Summer Schedule

When I was a kid, I spent my summers doing nothing. My only responsibility was making sure that my chores were complete before my mother got home from work. Otherwise, I spent my time reading comic books, riding my bike, and watching TV.

By contrast, my children have very regimented summers. Over the next three months, my kids will go to various camps (Girl Scout, Tae Kwon Do, Science, Baseball), participate in the YMCA basketball league, and go to Vacation Bible school at our church. In addition, my wife will hold “mommy school” during the day to make sure that they remain academically sharp.

Although my kids will be busy this summer, they have it pretty easy compared to some of their peers. One of my wife’s friends actually made a spreadsheet to monitor and track her kids’ summer activities. Her kids are scheduled every minute from June through August (to read more, visit my blog on

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Question: How do your kids spend the summer?

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