Father’s Day Shopping Spree on eBay

Each year, when my children ask me what they should buy me for Father’s Day, I always say the same thing.

“You can get me a motorcycle, a helicopter, or a Lamborghini.”

“Daddy, we can’t afford those things,” they reply.

“Haven’t you been saving your allowance?” I ask with a sly grin.

“Even if we saved for the rest of our lives, we still wouldn’t have enough money,” they complain.

“Okay,” I say. “Since you can’t afford the things I want, I’ll settle for a simple card and a few hugs and kisses.”

I’m completely satisfied with these simple gifts.

This year, however, I was challenged to pamper myself a little bit for Father’s Day. Armed with a $200 eBay gift card, my task was to find some of my favorite things on the site.

I started my search in the Electronics section and browsed a few vintage film cameras. I located some Holgas and added a 120 Format version to my shopping cart.

Next I searched for a cheap electric bass guitar. My search was going well until my wife peeked over my shoulder and asked what I was doing.

“I’m looking for a new guitar,” I said trying to avoid her gaze.

“Don’t you already have four guitars?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said sheepishly and immediately moved on to another search.

While at Comicspalooza, I discovered some highly detailed, super-articulated Japanese action figures that I wanted. My eBay search led me to a Revoltech Iron Man Mark III Action Figure and added it to my shopping cart.

Finally, I searched for some new luggage. I travel a lot and I’m always looking for well-crafted bags that will withstand frequent flying. Although much of the luggage that I liked was out of my price range, I settled on a Vintage Cowhide Leather Messenger bag that will be perfect for storing my laptop, passport, and other carry-on items.

Final tally:

  • Holga 120N Medium Format Fixed Focus Camera with Lens ($28.95 + $9.00 (shipping) = $37.95)
  • Revoltech Iron man Mark III Action Figure ($45.99 [free shipping])
  • Vintage Cowhide Leather Messenger Bag ($99.99 + $9.99 (shipping) = $109.98)
  • Total = 193.92

If you’re looking for some Father’s Day gift ideas, visit (you can even find motorcycles, helicopters, and Lamborginis)

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Question: How would you spend $200 on eBay?

Disclosure: I’m a paid eBay parent. All opinions are my own.

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