Should Husbands Buy Their Wives Mother’s Day Gifts?

Mother’s Day is an occasion when people around the world celebrate their moms. Buying your own mother a gift is a no-brainer, but things aren’t always so obvious when it comes to other moms in your life. I’m speaking specifically of the mothers of our children.

I asked people on Facebook and Twitter if they thought that husbands were obligated to buy their wives a gift on Mother’s Day. Sixty-eight percent (68%) of respondents believe that husbands should buy a gift. In fact, some were quite vehement in their assertion.

“If she is a mother or if y’all are trying to have kids, then absolutely,” said Richard. “I don’t want the mother of my two beautiful boys upset with me on Mother’s Day because I decided not to get her a gift because ‘ain’t my momma.’ That would be dumb.”

Other comments such as “Duh” and “Of course” were expressed in the survey.

When I broke down the data by gender, I discovered that 33% of men believe that they should not purchase their wives Mother’s Day gifts compared to 31% of women.

“I think that this is a day that children should honor their mothers,” said Broadus.  “Spouses have plenty of other opportunities.”

Ann, a mother of three agreed.

“I tell my husband I’m not his mother and I don’t expect a gift from him. I encourage him to buy for his own mother to set a good example for our kids.”

Despite the differing views about buying gifts, one thing was consistent: Mothers want to feel appreciated on Mother’s Day.

“Gifts aren’t required,” said Mary. “But husbands must do something to recognize her role as the mother to his children.”

Men would do well to follow this simple bit of advice from LuCretia.

“It’s not the size or cost of the gift that matters,” she said. “The fact that my husband thought of me is what’s priceless.”

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