Giving My Wife the Gift of Time on Mother’s Day

gift of time

Most parents would agree that we could all use more time. Between working, cooking meals, homework, driving kids to various activities, and trying to manage the household, the days always seem too short.

In my discussions with moms, I discovered that most of their time is spent caring for other family members and they often neglect their own needs. As a stay at home mom, my wife is constantly doing things for us or for the community and rarely gets a chance to unwind and pamper herself. That’s why I’m giving her the gift of time this Mother’s Day. I’ve tried giving her jewelry, technology, and other tangible gifts, but they don’t seem to have the same impact as giving her a few hours to focus on herself.

Therefore, I will corral the kids so my wife can enjoy these special gifts:

  • Time to sleep – Number one on my wife’s wish list is a nap. She’s often tired from the early mornings and late nights and longs for a little extra sleep. A short nap will do her good.
  • Time to read – My wife was an avid reader before we had kids. Now she can hardly find the time to read a book for pleasure. I will load a few good books on her iPad so she can indulge in her literary passion.
  • Time to watch TV – My wife only likes a few TV shows: Bones, Burn Notice, and Suits. However, she can never watch them when they air. Thankfully, previous episodes are available On-Demand and my wife will be able to take the time to catch up on all the episodes she’s missed.
  • Time to relax and rejuvenate – Because of all of the household responsibilities (dishes, laundry, cooking, etc), my wife is always busy. Consequently, she’s often stressed out. This Mother’s Day, the kids and I plan to tackle these chores so mom can take it easy and recharge her batteries. A clean kitchen and a home-cooked meal are probably the gifts that my wife will enjoy the most.

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Question: What would your wife or mom do if she had extra time?

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