Families That Play Together, Stay Together

I like to play. Always have. Always will.

I’ve also shared my love of play with my kids. We often race down our street, play basketball in the driveway, or have a game of kickball with the other kids in the neighborhood. Playing together as a family is important to us and I think more people should do it.

I remember one time when we were playing tag in the backyard and one of the neighborhood boys stopped by and asked if he could join us. We invited him over and had a great time. After the game, he pulled my son aside and said, “I can’t believe your dad played with us. My dad would never do anything like that.”

Play is an important part of childhood and parents have a huge opportunity to build strong connections with their kids by taking the time to have fun and play simple games.

I’ve partnered with GoGo squeeZ to help spread this message. GoGo squeeZ believes in the simple mantra of “always play” and is putting this belief to work through the “Pass the Play” campaign with the goal of bringing the simple joy of play to those who need it most across the country.

Kids and parents can participate in the “Pass the Play” project through three activities:

  1. Email community@gogosqueez.com to request a “Pass the Play” ball and play the largest game of catch. 10,000 kick balls are being distributed nationwide, so people can enjoy the simple goodness of play and then pass that play to someone they know that needs some play in their life. Everyone will be entered to win fun prizes by tracking the kick balls atwww.PassthePlay.com.
  2. Tweet #passtheplay to @GoGosqueeZ and $1 will be donated to @FreshAirFund with the goal of raising $25,000, which will allow more inner-city boys and girls to participate in programs that can change the course of a child’s life.
  3. Visit GoGo squeeZ at the “Pass the Play” mobile playground, which is visiting 10 cities across the country. The tour will kick off in Atlanta, Ga. on May 26th during the Decatur Arts Festival. You can find all of the stops for the “Pass the Play” mobile playground by visiting www.PassthePlay.com.

We received two balls and I challenged my kids to create a new game using both balls. They went above and beyond and created two games.

The first game is called “Two Ball Tag.” It’s played like regular tag except the person who is “It” must tag the other players with both balls. It’s almost like a moving version of dodge-ball. If the person who is “It” throws the ball and misses a tag, the other players can pick up the ball and try to keep it away from the person who is “It.” My kids and I had a blast playing this game.

The second game they created is called “Milk Carton Catch.” To play this game, you’ll need two 1 gallon milk cartons. Cut the bottoms off milk cartons to use as the catching device. Each player will receive one milk carton and one ball. Players start the game by placing their balls inside the milk cartons. Both players must use the milk carton to throw the ball to their opponent. Each player must catch their opponents ball inside his/her milk carton. Play continues until one player drops the ball.

After we get our fill of playing these games, we plan to pass along our balls and “Two Ball Tag” and “Milk Carton Catch” instructions to some of our friends so they can enjoy some play time.

As the summer approaches, it’s very important for kids to have structured and unstructured play time. It’s equally important for parents to join in on the fun.

Stay Strong,




Question: How do you and your family like to play?

Disclosure: I have partnered with GoGo squeeZ as a member of the squeeZ squad. Over the next few months I will be helping them pass the play.

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