Play Time Helps Families to Grow Closer

The boys playing baseball in the backyard

When I was a child, I would spend countless hours playing outdoors. I could do whatever I wanted as long as I returned home before the street lights came on. I’d go from a game of hide-and-seek, to a kickball tournament and then on to a bike race through the neighborhood.

I encourage my three children to spend time playing outdoors also. Although they don’t have the freedom to explore that I had, they still like playing tag, riding bikes, and tossing around a Frisbee with their friends. They really enjoy it when my wife and I join in on the play. My boys love it when I pass the football to them or hit some baseballs in the backyard. My daughter likes to challenge me to hula hoop contests because she knows her skills are far superior. I always get payback when it’s time for the jump rope contest (my jump-rope skills are epic). This type of play always brings us closer together as a family.

I have partnered with GoGo squeeZ to help families enjoy more play time. GoGo squeeZ’s mission is to make it easier for kids and families to be a little healthier and happier. Their tasty applesauce products are 100% natural, gluten, dairy and nut-free. Best of all, they are portable for families on the go (check out the new, playful packaging on the GoGo squeeZ Facebook page).

I encourage you to take time to incorporate play into your family’s lifestyle. Not only is it fun, but it also creates cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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Question: How do you and your family like to play?

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*I have partnered with GoGo squeeZ as a member of the squeeZ squad. Over the next few months I will be helping them pass the play.

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