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Sometimes guys are clueless when it comes to romance. We want to impress our mates with romantic gestures, but we often get stuck in the rut of buying flowers or jewelry or going to dinner and a movie. These things are fine as long as you and your partner enjoy them; however, it’s always nice to shake things up a bit in and inject a jolt of creativity.

On my wife’s web show, Mommy to the Max, we asked women to share the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for them. The answers ranged from a making a homemade card to planning extravagant weekend get-a-aways. Many of the most memorable romantic gestures were simple and thoughtful.

If you’re looking for a new ways to romance the special lady in your life, take some tips from a few guys who got it right (hint: your washing dishes is a total turn-on)

 25 Romantic Ideas

1. My husband who is disabled wrote me the most beautiful song and played it for me on his guitar on our 10th wedding anniversary. I cried like a baby. He couldn’t have given me a better gift. I love him so much. – Cheryl

2. Even though my boyfriend is terrible at writing, he wrote a small book of poetry for me and filled it with pictures of us together. – Meaghan

3. Last year my boyfriend put flowers, chocolate, a balloon and a card in my dorm room to surprise me when I returned from class. It really made my day. He also took me for a walk on the canal, which was really sweet. – Samantha

4. My husband got me flowers for our anniversary this past year. He’s never gotten me flowers before so it was a wonderful surprise! – Ashley

5. My husband romances me all the time by helping with the kids and household chores! That’s probably my biggest turn on! – Rncgaeta

6. My husband arranged a horse drawn sleigh ride through the country for my birthday. – jimk223

7. The most romantic thing anyone did for me was fly his private plane over my house and drop a card out of the plane for me as he flew over – Sksweeps

8. My husband stayed up all night fixing my computer that crashed during finals week – Colie

9. My husband used to work offshore and was gone for 5 weeks at a time. Just before coming home, he would always have a dozen red roses delivered to me at the hospital where I worked. – Sue

10. My husband is an artist and drew a portrait of me and made me dinner. – Desiree

11. My boyfriend was in the service and was overseas .He had made arrangements ahead of time for his brother to pick up flowers and chocolates and deliver a letter from him on Valentine’s Day. It was very sweet. – Jodi

12. The most romantic thing was my boyfriend’s cleaning my whole apartment for me. – Erica

13. My husband wrote me some very touching letters when he was away for a period of time. They are so sweet and caring and I love to go back and reread them over and over again. – Marianna

14. My husband (boyfriend at the time) handed me a beautifully wrapped gift box. In it was a pair of nice socks. I didn’t know how to react because he was rather tight with his money. So I acted excited. When I put them on the next day, I discovered that there was an opal and ruby ring pinned to the inside of the toe of the sock! – Anonymous

15. He showed up at my house, unannounced one morning to shovel the snow from my driveway and front walk. I loved that. – Debbie

16. My husband knows I don’t like the blue M&Ms, so he replaced all the blue ones in my bag with other colors from his bag – Dianne

17. When I was going to school for retraining, my honey brought me a lunch and flowers.  He brought a table at set everything up including candles and wine glasses (we had grape juice). – Vickie

18. He wakes me up with coffee and a throw blanket when it’s cold, and sets up my laptop for me because he knows I like to check my e-mail in the morning. – C. Murdock

19. After a long hard day my honey ran me a bath, with candles and a glass of wine all ready for me, then set up a massage table and gave me a massage! – LAMusing

20. The day I found out I was to have a heart procedure, I was really upset. I called my hubby (who was working clear across the state) to let him know the situation. I spent the rest of the afternoon worrying and I admit I was a bit tearful at times. About 6 hrs later I heard a noise in the yard and went to the door. It was such a surprise to see the most wonderful man in the world who just drove 5 and a half hours just to give me a hug! – Debbie

21. My husband made and still makes me homemade cards for all the holidays. They are beautiful and so much though goes into them! – Marilyn

22. For our anniversary, my husband searched for the lyrics to our wedding song, printed them out and framed them. – Tari

23. My husband waited on me hand and foot when I broke my ankle.  He did absolutely everything for me.  It was so very sweet.  – Anonymous

24. I think my husband making dinner and doing the dishes afterwards is the most romantic thing. He’s sweet enough to do it at least once a week. – Kim

25. I hubby surprised me with a romantic night away, we had such a great time, even though we added too much bubble bath to the Jacuzzi and nearly the whole room filled with bubbles. – Karen

If you have any additional romantic ideas, please share them in the comments section.

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