Top 10 Posts of 2011

2011 was a great year for Mocha Dad. I was selected as a top Dad blog on Babble and SheKnows. I participated in the Twizzlers Landmark Summer Roadtrip, I was selected as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador, I blogged for Dr. Smiths as a Premium Parent, and I worked on some exciting campaigns with several brands.

One of the highlights of 2011, was my trip to BlogHer. I had a great time in San Diego and I got to met several of my blogging friends. But my most treasured memories of 2011 were the interactions I had with each of you on this blog and on my social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Below are some of your favorite posts of 2011. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

  1. The Power of a Simple Christmas Card
  2. Go See the Doctor
  3. The Importance of Showing Affection in Front of the Kids
  4. The Importance of Family Goal Setting
  5. 30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #26 – My First Car
  6. 30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #21 – My Most Embarassing Moment
  7. Tweens and Cell Phones
  8. A Trip to the Beach Helps Son to Overcome Fears
  9. Taylor Swift Makes Me Wish My Daughter Would Never Grow Up (this is my personal favorite)
  10. The Bag of Quarters

I’m looking forward to sharing more great posts in 2012.

Stay Strong,

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