The Search for Mark Henry

My sons are huge WWE fans. They can’t wait to watch RAW and Smackdown each week.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised when they asked for wrestling action figures for Christmas. I was surprised at how difficult finding these figures would be. I had no idea that WWE action figures were a hot holiday item. My ignorance has left me scrambling to find one figure before Christmas Day: Mark Henry.

For those of you who don’t keep up with wrestling, Mark Henry is the current World Heavyweight Champion. Although he is a “bad guy,” his action figure seems to be popular among fans and collectors.

I’ve spent many days over the past few weeks searching the toy sections of various retailers only to leave empty-handed. My online search didn’t fare any better. Mark Henry was sold-out wherever I looked. I finally decided to turn to my trusted online destination – eBay. If I couldn’t find Mark Henry on eBay, I knew that all hope was lost.

The good news is that eBay didn’t let me down. I found over 40 Mark Henry action figures listed. The bad news is that the prices for unopened packages ranged from $30 to over $60 (the retail price is $10-$20). Even some of the loose figures are approaching $30. Curse that law of supply and demand.

Now I must decide if I should pay the inflated price for a Mark Henry figure and make my sons happy on Christmas or should I wait to see their looks of disappointment when they discover that Mark Henry isn’t under the Christmas tree.

I’ll keep searching for Mark Henry until the last minute. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to place a low bid on eBay that will actually win. Miracles do happen at Christmastime.

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Question: Is there an item on your child’s Christmas list that’s been hard to find?


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