The Bag of Quarters

My wife and I are committed to helping others. We do this by volunteering, donating money or items, or getting involved with causes we believe in. Most of all, we try to be a blessing to other people through everyday acts of kindness.

We also teach these values to our children. As a parent, it’s sometimes hard to know if your kids are grasping the lessons that you’re trying to teach. But sometimes, special moments occur when you witness your kids applying the lessons to their own lives.

My 8 year old son, N, recently delighted me with a random act of kindness.

He was attending a birthday party with several other boys at a laser tag place. The only person he knew was the boy who invited him to the party, but that didn’t bother N. He is very personable and makes friends easily.

After all of the boys had arrived, the host gave each attendee a bag filled with quarters to play video games. N tucked his bag into his pocket and darted into the arcade to select a game. Over the course of the party, the boys played many video games and several rounds of laser tag. Everyone was having a great time until one boy returned to the party room with a dejected look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” asked one of the moms.

“I lost my quarters,” he said. “I can’t find them anywhere.” Before anyone could respond, N reached into his bag of quarters, pulled out a handful and handed them to the boy. Everyone in the room was shocked, and the boy wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

“Um…thank you,” he finally replied.

“You’re welcome,” N said as he ran back into the arcade.

Later, when my wife, KayEm, came to pick up N, the moms were eager to tell her about what N had done. My wife just grinned as she listened to their stories. It felt good to have other people say such nice things about her child. She gathered N and gave him a big hug. As they were leaving, one of the moms stopped KayEm.

“I just want you to know that I was really touched by N’s kindness,” she said. “I feel much better about the future knowing that there are kids like him in the world.”

KayEm smiled, pulled N close to her and said, “So am I.”

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Question: How do you teach your kids to be kind to others?


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