The YMCA Helps Families Grow Stronger

There are many reasons why the YMCA is a great place for families, but I enjoy the youth sports the most.

My daughter plays basketball at the Y and the highlight of each season is the Parent Game. During this game, the kids get to test their skills against their moms and dads. No matter how tough the season was for the girls, they always have a great time.

During the last Parent Game, my daughter and her team were a little down because they had lost every other game of the season. The parents got together before the game and agreed to give the girls an ego boost by letting them win. I’m sure that the girls realized that we were holding back, but they played their hearts out anyway. It was great to see them playing hard and having a good time.

When I was defending my daughter, I pretended to block her shot as she went to the goal. She scored and actually walked away with a little swagger in her step. I was so proud.

The girls won 55-40 and it was the best game that they played. It was great to see all of the parents hugging their children afterwards. That one evening of basketball proved that strong families still exist and the YMCA doing it’s part to help these families grow stronger.

If you’ve had great experiences at the YMCA also, you can join me in supporting the organization. I have partnered with Cadillac and Team Escalade to help the YMCA to spread the word about their great family-oriented programs. Team Escalade Texas is a charity challenge aiming to increase awareness and support for vital Texas charities. Cadillac will produce, publicize and promote a PSA for six charities during the campaign (CureDuchenne, Taylor’s Gift, Love Hope Strength, Special Olympics Texas, Ronald McDonald House, and YMCA). The charity that receives the most Facebook exposure through voting, sharing and acting for their PSA will receive additional media support valued at $150,000.

Please watch this inspiring video from the YMCA. Then vote. Help the YMCA to keep growing strong families.

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