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Over the past few weeks, many Texans have evacuated their homes due to the wildfires that have ravaged our state. Some residents only had five minutes to grab their belongings and escape. A few of the evacuees returned to their homes to find them destroyed by the fires. All they had left were the items they took with them.

Although the fires haven’t affected us directly, there are fires burning within a 20 mile radius of our home. Because of the close proximity of the fires, my wife, KayEm, and I had a discussion about what we would grab if we only had five minutes to evacuate. This discussion made both of us reflect on what’s important in our lives. Like many Americans, our home is filled with stuff. Some of the stuff gets used, but much of it just sits collecting dust.

After evaluating my possessions, I finally came up with the following list of items that I would take with me:

  • Wedding Album & DVD
  • Other Photo Albums
  • Laptop
  • Camera equipment
  • Lockbox with important documents (birth certificate, passport, marriage license, insurance policies, etc)
  • College Degree
  • Bible that my mother gave me
  • Acoustic Guitar

KayEm and I shared our lists with each other and realized they were quite similar. We decided to dig deeper by cutting the list to only three items. Obviously, it was more difficult to reduce a lifetime of acquisitions to only three things. After much introspection and rewrites, I finally pared down my list.

  • Wedding Album – This album is irreplaceable because we don’t have the photographer’s contact information anymore. Also the photos have high sentimental value.
  • Bible that my mother gave me – My mother gave me this Bible right before I left for college and encouraged me to read it constantly. Sadly, I didn’t read nearly as much as I should have while I was in college, but it always remained on my nightstand as a reminder of her.
  • Laptop – My computer contains many years worth of my writing, photographs, videos and my entire 19,000 song music library. I’d be lost without it.

These three things along with my family and a few clothes would be all I’d need to be content.

Stay Strong,





Question: If you only had 5 minutes to evacuate your home, what three things would you grab?


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