Wedding Anniversaries Are a Time to Celebrate (I’m on #14)

My daughter made this anniversary card for us. It reads: "A life's friendship. He's your Prince Charming. She's your Cinderella. Love is in the air."

My wife, KayEm, and I recently celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. This is one of those anniversaries that can easy pass by unnoticed (who wants to observe a wedding anniversary that has a traditional gift of ivory). Between raising three kids, managing the household, and keeping other social commitments finding the time to celebrate can be difficult.

To ensure that we always honor each year of our marriage, KayEm and I started a tradition of scheduling a Labor Day weekend get-away. The first year, we decided to take a short trip to Dallas because we were a bit uneasy about leaving the kids for the whole weekend. Although we were only 200 miles away, it took a full day for us to really relax and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about the children. By Sunday afternoon, we wondered where the time had gone and wished that our romantic rendezvous could last forever.

Last year, we upped the ante and took a trip to Las Vegas. Thankfully, my parents were able to stay at our house to watch the kids so we could enjoy ourselves with no worries. We were able to eat at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, attend a comedy show, renew our wedding vows, and reconnect in a real way. We returned home filled with endorphins and glowing like newlyweds.

This year, we had to take another short trip because we were unable to do anything more elaborate due to cost and time restrains. We spent a quiet weekend in San Antonio where we were able to stroll along the River Walk, get a massage, unwind and enjoy some uninterrupted couple time.

I recommend that all couples find a way to spend time alone and celebrate each wedding anniversary with enthusiasm. With divorce rates surpassing 50%, each year that you manage to defy the odds is a reason to celebrate. Use the occasion to remember all of the things that first attracted you to your spouse and celebrate those traits. You don’t have to travel to another city to make the occasion memorable. Sometimes a candlelit meal in the living room after the kids are asleep is all it takes to keep the fire burning.

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Questions: How do you celebrate your wedding anniversaries? How do you remain connected to your spouse?

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