The First Day of School

The first day of school is always special. It is filled with excitement, anticipation and a hint of nervousness. Although my kids won’t admit it, they were eager for school to start. This was the first year that they’ve have some consistency in their school routine. My daughter, Nee, who is in 5th grade, has attended three schools and my son, N, who is in 2nd grade, is on his second. I think the familiarity of their current school gave them a sense of comfort and made it easier for them to transition from lazy summers to the daily grind of school.

When I arrived home after the first day of school, I asked the kids about their day. N jumped into my arms and declared, “This was the best first day ever!” Nee was not as enthusiastic, but she agreed that this first day of school was much better than previous ones.

Instead of giving you a second-hand account of what happened on the first day of school, I decided to let my kids share their experiences in their own words.


A Game of Tag by N (age 7, 2nd grade)

Running is how Jack and I wait for the bus. It wouldn’t be a school day for me if I didn’t chase Jack in the morning. This morning was a little different because my other friend Rocky moved away. A new boy named, Stan, moved into our neighborhood and took Rocky’s place in the game.

We usually run from the gate to the big tree. My mom doesn’t like me to go father. We don’t have too many rules. There is no base, but we do have tag backs. We’re all pretty fast, but I’m the best at dodging tag backs.

I wasn’t ready for school to start, but I was happy to play tag with my friends again.


A Sigh of Relief by Nee (age 10, 5th grade)

I hopped off the bus breathing in the blazing hot, moist air and strolled into the wide open door waving to familiar teachers.

I caught up with my friend and neighbor, Shelly. We chatted for a minute and it was obvious we were both a little nervous. As we scampered down the hall filled with students, teachers, and parents, my stomach churned as if it were making butter. You see, my teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, actually missed the “Meet the Teacher” event so I was unable to meet her beforehand. I rounded the corner and found my classroom- Room 908. I stepped in and…

I breathed a sigh of relief. I saw practically all of my classmates from last year. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I searched for the table that had a sticky note with my name on it. I frowned when I discovered that my seat was right next to my arch nemesis, Caleb. But my disappointment didn’t last for long when I turned around and noticed the names on the table behind me – Bindi and Cassy! My seat wasn’t so bad after all. Bindi arrived a few minutes later, but there was no sign of Cassy. I started to get worried.

Our teacher told us to line up and there was still no sign of Cassy. As we walked down the hall, I spotted Cassy jogging towards our class. I motioned for her to cut in front of me and breathed a sigh of relief. My friend had finally arrived.

I heard the principal’s voice over the intercom as we were herded to music class. I breathed my final sigh as we settled in our desks and officially got the first day of school under way.

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Questions: How was the first day of school for your kids? What was your most memorable first day of school?


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