Parents and Teens Can Work Together to Reduce Teenage Drinking & Driving

I first succumbed to the pressure of teenage drinking on Prom Night. My friend invited us to her house after the prom for a daiquiri party. Of course I didn’t tell my mother about this party because I knew there was no way that she would allow me to go. My friend’s parents, however, had no problem with serving alcohol to underage kids. We had fun and drank several daiquiris until my best friend and I decided to drive 50 miles to another party. Looking back, I realize that everyone involved acted irresponsibly. There is no way that two teenaged boys boys who had been drinking should have been allowed to drive anywhere.

Thankfully we arrived safely, but we didn’t learn our lesson. We spent the rest of the weekend indulging in alcohol with the rest of our friends. And worst of all, we kept driving.

In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about how angry my mother would be if she knew what I was doing. Although she gave me plenty of freedom to make my own choices, I felt that I was betraying her trust by participating in activities that she would disapprove of.

Today, parents and kids have a way make sure that underage drinking and driving is not a problem for their families. SoberLink has created the first blood-alcohol testing device for individual use, which allows teenagers to check in with their parents from wherever they are. The device is intended for families who want to give their kids a certain level of freedom while feeling confident that they are safe to drive home. Because it’s compatible with most smart phones and fits easily in a pocket or small purse, it gives parents and teens a discrete way of checking in with each other. It takes a photo as the person is breathing into the device, and it sends an immediate picture, blood alcohol level, and GPS coordinate, so it’s a pretty fool-proof way for parents to monitor their child’s drinking when they are out with friends.

I’ve had a talk with my children about the dangers of irresponsible alcohol use, but given the opportunity, I know that they could succumb to peer pressure. I just hope that my love and support will be enough to help them make better decisions than I did.

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Question: What are your thoughts on teenage drinking? Would you use this device to monitor your kid’s drinking?

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