What All Dads Should Know

what all dads should know

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When you’re a dad, there is so much to learn. Unfortunately, there is no training manual. All of our experience comes from on-the-job-training. Sure we will make some mistakes, but most of the time, we get it right and our children and spouses benefit greatly from the effort.

Despite all of the things we may learn by just doing them, we can still use some advice from time to time. A few weeks ago, I asked Mocha Dad readers to answer the following question: What is one thing all Dads should know? Below are the answers that people shared with me.

What All Dads Should Know

Helping Around the House

…how to do the laundry. – Debra

…how to run the laundry machine, make scrambled eggs and where the park is. – Diana

…how to load and unload the dishwasher. – Hanovertomato

…how to cook a hot breakfast. It’s great bonding time while mom gets to sleep in. – Hope

…how to do the shopping – and yes this means understanding the difference between tampons and pads and regular and super. – Kaki

…how to change a diaper. – Crystal, Sarah, Monique, April

Being Handy

…how to use duct tape and superglue to fix stuff. – Brooke

…where all his tools are. The next time my Dad asks me where his Phillips Screwdriver is, I’m gonna just tell him to buy a new one! – Sammi

…how to build a fort or playhouse! – Linda

…how to change a tire. – Terry, Ky2here1

…how to put toys together! – Tammy

…how to do basic DIY repairs so there is no need to call in someone else and it saves money. – Kendra

Setting an Example

…how much their kids watch them. Dads are of huge importance in a kid’s life!! – Vanessa

…that children are watching and learning from them and their actions. – Veronica

…how to set an example for their kids. – Cindy

…that grown men do cry. – Danny

…how to always have fun. – Chris

Showing Love & Affection

…that they need to tell their children they love them.  Don’t assume they know because they provide a house and food for them. – S.K.

…if they show love to their children, their love will be returned back to them, many times. – Beverly

…that they can give their sons hugs, also. – Sumn

…how to empathize with their children. – Wehaf

…that it’s the little simple things that count!  A simple “I love you” can go a long way- Nicole

Interacting with Spouse

…that if he gets to have a guys night out, he can expect to stay home and babysit while mom has a girls night out! – Sweepster49

…not to ask their stay-at-home spouse (with kids) “so what did you do all day?” – Aisling

…that a happy marriage is the #1 most important thing. – Kolpin

The Importance of Being an Involved Dad

…that any man can be a father but it takes a special man to be a “daddy.” – Katharina

…how important they are in a child’s life. They are just as important as Moms and they should know it, feel it and act it. – Debbie

…that their kids need them in their lives and depend on them to feel safe and secure – Michelle

…that children need their Dad as much as they need their Mom – Susan

…that it is important to know what is going on in their child’s life – Christal

…that you shouldn’t work so much that you miss your kids’ growing up.  Be a part of their lives. – Jill

…how to be praising when earned, stern when needed, and loving ALWAYS! – Dara

…that they make a bigger impact in their children’s lives than most men realize. They are the best example to show their sons how to be real men, and they are the best candidate to show their daughters that real men will treat them well. Super important! – Emily

…how to make babies smile and giggle – Gkran

… that being there for your child is all that really matters. – Erin

…that you must provide structure for your child! – Danielle

…that you should spend more quality time with the family. – Kat

…how to be involved with the kids by playing games, reading, cooking, and eating meals together. – Janolson

…how to listen to their boys and girls. – Kim

And the Most Important Thing All Dads Should Know…

…how much they are needed and loved! – Happi Shopr

…that they are loved and appreciated – Susan

…that we love them! – Natalia

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Question: What are some other things that dads should know?

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