Authentic Fatherhood Photo Contest – The Results Post

I was hoping to get Ryan Seacrest to announce the winners of the “Authentic Fatherhood Photo Contest,” but it seems that he’s still busy with American Idol stuff. Therefore, I’ll have to do the honors.

Viewers were really touched by the photos and choosing a favorite was often difficult. But after the nationwide vote, the results are in.

In third place is “A Father’s Love” by Julie K. with 19% of the votes

In second place is “Two Peas in a Pod” by Ceria D. with 27% of the votes

And the winner is….

“A Soldier’s Kiss” by Kay W. with 32% of the votes. The following voter comment sums up how voters felt about this photo: “All the photos are fantastic, but this shows how dedicated to his child’s future this Dad is.

"A Soldier's Kiss" by Kay W.


Congratulations to Kay. She will receive a Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus USB 2.0 External Hard Drive as her prize.

Get your cameras out because this month’s photo contest will start on Sunday, June 5, 2011. The theme will be “Portraits of Dad.”

Stay Strong,

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