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Bloggin' ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Cision has chosen me as one of the Top 50 Daddy Bloggers. PR and media professionals rely on Cision’s extensive databases to reach influencers and tailor messages to the right audiences.

Cision selected the bloggers from their media database and ranked them by Klout Score. Of the 50 blogs, Mocha Dad is listed at number nine. Here is the rest of the top ten list:

  1. Chris Brogan,  Dad-O-Matic
  2. Adam Cohen, DaDa Rocks
  3. C.C. Chapman, Digital Dads
  4. Josh Becker, DadStreet
  5. Bruce Sallan, Bruce Sallan
  6. Mr. Dad of Divas, Dad of Divas
  7. Whit Honea, DadCentric
  8. Neal Pollack, Alternadad
  9. Mocha Dad
  10. Dorian Carta, Dad-O-Matic

I’m proud to be in the company of other great Dad Bloggers such as my friends Eric Payne, Keith Morton, PJ Mullen, Ron Mattocks, Jim Lin and Jason Mayo. You can view the full Top 50 List on Cision’s blog. Make sure to visit all of the fantastic Daddy Blogs and show the dads a little love.

Stay Strong,

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Frederick J. Goodall

Frederick J. Goodall is the founder of Mocha Dad - a parenting website focused on fatherhood. He is passionate about parenting and helping men to be great dads, husbands, and role models. You can contact him at or on Twitter at

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