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As parent, it’s sometimes hard to know if your children are internalizing the values that you try to teach them. You set expectations, model the behavior and then send them out into the world hoping that your lessons will stick. A note from my 7-year-old son’s teacher let me know that my parenting efforts have not been in vain.

When my wife, KayEm, told me that she wanted me to read an e-mail message from N’s teacher, my guard immediately went up. During my school years, getting a note from the teacher was always a bad thing.

“Has he done something wrong?” I asked.

“Just read it,” KayEm insisted. I approached her computer screen and saw the following message:

I just have to tell you again how thankful I am to have N in my class. He is such a sweet, well-behaved, hard-working student. I can always count of him to set a good example for others and that is so important as we get closer to summer. When my husband and I have kids, I may be coming to you for parenting advice 🙂

I breathed a sigh of relief and gave KayEm a high-five.

“Now that’s the kind of message that a parent likes to receive,” I said.

My wife and I work hard to teach our children to behave properly and make good choices. I’m proud of my son for setting an example for the rest of the class and for making his teacher’s job a little bit easier.

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Question: How do you know that your kids are internalizing the values that you teach them?

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