Building Others Up

mochadad-xMy 3-year-old son X can often be heard singing songs around the house. One of his favorites is “Building Others Up.” He learned the song in his preschool class and has made it his mission to share it with as many people as possible.

In the store: “Building others up…”
In the car: “Building others up…”
Walking to the park: “Building others up…”

One day, he held his older siblings captive until they could recite the full song complete with hand motions.

X not only likes the music, he has also taken the lyrics to heart.

When his brother and sister are arguing, he is the one who brokers peace by reminding them that they aren’t building each other up.

“Be kind,” he says with a finger wag and they usually comply.

He even practices what he preaches with his friends.

One day, while playing at Chi-Fil-A, one of his classmates climbed to the top of the play structure and couldn’t get down. She was frightened and crying hysterically. Her mom was frantic because she couldn’t reach her. While all of the other kids ran past the little girl, X climbed to the top and offered to help her. At first she refused, but she finally relented when she realized that X wasn’t leaving until she was safe.

X took her by the hand and lead her back to the safety of her mother’s arms. Through her sobs, the little girl managed to say, “X helped me. X helped me. He’s my friend.”

X’s commitment to building others up has even affected me. His little voice rings in my head when I’m tempted to say or something unkind. That little song seems to be more powerful than he realizes.

Stay Strong,

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