Poll: How Men and Women Like to Spend Time with Their Significant Others

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I asked a group of men and woman how they liked spending time with their significant others.

I tried to enlist the Pew Research Center to conduct the survey, but they were too busy covering things such as the Protests in Egypt, How American’s See China, The Decline of Marriage, and Who Tweets.

Therefore I conducted the poll through social networking and I received responses from 96 men and women (BTW – getting men to submit responses was a difficult as getting Brett Favre to retire).

The men voted sex as their top couple’s activity (22%) while women’s top activity was spending an evening at home watching a movie or TV show (28%).

Cuddling and talking didn’t rank too highly with men. I assume that these activities are considered foreplay and are lumped in with the sex. One guy did indicate that cuddling was his favorite activity. He probably gets the most sex.

Men and women agreed that traveling, going out to the movies, and exercising together were good couple’s activities. Although listening to music/dancing, going to bars/coffee shops, reading, and playing board games all made the list, they didn’t rank highly among the participants.

The most unusual response that I received was: Going to a hookah bar.

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Question: How do you like to spend time with your significant other?

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