30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #25 – The Fight

I had my share of school yard scuffles, but none of these prepared me for The Fight.

One night, while hanging out with my friends Andy, Jay, Wayne, and Von, we decided to go to a nightclub after shooting a few games of pool. Andy recommended some hole-in-the-wall that I quickly vetoed. However, I was overruled by the other guys.

By the time we arrived at the club, I was the only sober person in the group. We squeezed into the tiny, crowded space and attempted to have a good time. Andy immediately ordered a pitcher of beer and started drinking it straight out of the pitcher. As he drank, he spilled some of the beer on a guy who was sitting at a table near the bar. I apologized for my friend’s clumsiness and pushed Andy through the crowd.

A few minutes later, I saw Andy dancing on a table. He slipped and fell right into the lap of the guy he just spilled beer on. I ran over and grabbed Andy before the guy started pummeling him.

“You’ll have to excuse him,” I told the guy. “He’s drunk.” The guy was pretty understanding and told Andy not to let it happen again. Ten minutes later, Andy tripped over him again, and the guy punched Andy in the jaw.

Jay, Wayne, and Von all swooped in to defend our friend and a shoving match ensued. The bouncer broke it up and threw all of us out of the club. Once outside, the guy actually apologized for overacting and we were set to go our separate ways. Unfortunately, Von, couldn’t leave well-enough alone. He started spewing obscenities at the guy. That was the last straw. The guy turned around and punched Von and Andy in rapid succession. Suddenly a swarm of guys attacked us. I fought my way out of the crowd and started searching for my friends. I saw Wayne, Jay, and Von in fierce had-to-hand combat, but there was no sign of Andy. I looked down the street and discovered that Andy was knocked out in the middle of the street and a car was preparing to back over him. I ran to save my friend and pulled him out of danger in the nick of time.

Placing his arm over my shoulder, I dragged Andy to my car and threw him into the backseat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jay, Von, and Wayne scurrying to the other vehicle. We raced away to the safety of another friend’s house.

Looking back on this situation, I realize that we could have been killed that night. I often worry that my sons will end up in a similar situation. Whereas we settled many disagreements with our fists, kids today would rather use guns. I pray that my sons will have the courage to walk away from volatile situations because fighting proves nothing.

Stay Strong,

Question: Have you ever been in a fight?

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