30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #17 – My Most Prized Possession

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife, KayEm, and I maintained a long-distance relationship before we were married. During that time, we kept in touch through calls, visits and letters. Although I enjoyed the visits and phone calls, I cherished the letters the most because they provided a record of our blossoming relationship.

Every day, I would rush home from work hoping to find a letter from KayEm in the mailbox. I was always a little sad when I only retrieved bills, but my body filled with anticipation when I saw an envelope with KayEm’s return address. I would rip the letter out of the envelope and start reading it immediately. I would become so immersed in the words that I would lose track of time. Sometimes I’d realize that I’d been standing there for 15 minutes with my car running the whole time.

I still treasure every letter that KayEm has ever written me and I still have each one of them safety locked away. One day, I will share these letters with my children so they can learn the power of a hand-written letter. Until then, I will keep KayEm’s words close to my heart.

Stay Strong,

Question: What is your most prized possession

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