15 Women Give Men Insight on Romance for Valentine’s Day

Romance is one of those words that is hard to define. Harlequin and Hallmark have spent billions of dollars to give us their contrived definition, but the reality of romance doesn’t always line up with their fairy tale versions.

Men have an especially hard time defining romance because we have been programmed to express our feelings through gifts and other material things. Some men believe that displaying genuine emotion is for wusses.

Women, on the other hand, are more connected to their emotional side. Therefore, I asked 15 women to share their definitions of romance with my male audience. The definitions ranges from the ethereal to the practical and the collective wisdom of these women, gives men more insight into the notion of romance.

15 Women Define Romance

  1. Romance cannot be easily defined but only experienced. Romance is a collection of emotions. Romance is an emotion of the heart, and it gives a new outlook to life. It makes you feel good – Couponsiwant
  2. Romance is when my husband takes out the trash without having to be asked – Debi
  3. My definition of romance is making your partner feel like she is the most special person in the world –EWhatley
  4. My idea of romance is chivalry and old-fashioned kindness – Storm Litz
  5. Romance is the warming of the heart caused by the presence of a soul mate – Tomi
  6. It is showing love and respect everyday for a lifetime – Annette
  7. Romance is knowing you never want your partner to change and that your partner never wants you to change – Christi
  8. Romance is an unexpected sweet gesture, like leaving notes for each other to find before work – Erin
  9. My definition of romance is doing something thoughtful on a regular, boring old day – Nola
  10. Romance includes knowing what your partner likes and surprising her by showing you listened – Viva
  11. I believe romance is taking time to appreciate the one you love – Katie
  12. Sharing a little bit of time alone to talk and catch up is romantic – ilovecoupons
  13. Romance is the little things such as holding hands and taking the dog for a walk together – Roxy
  14. I’ve never really thought of it before, but I would say romance is when you get that unexpected little jolt that makes you so happy to be with the person you’re with – Cathy
  15. Romance is caring about someone to the point that you want to do something special for them without ever being asked – Carma

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Question: How would you define romance?

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