15 Fatherhood Tips for Dads

15 fatherhood tips for dads

15 tips for dads

In 2000, my wife told me that she was pregnant with our first child. I was elated and awestruck, but those feelings eventually mutated into worry and inadequacy. Who was I to bring another human being into this world? What did I know about being a dad? What if I get it all wrong? Ten years and two more kids later, I still don’t have the answers to all of those questions, but I’m more confident in my parenting abilities.

Fatherhood is about getting into the trenches and learning from your experiences. I’ve made my share of mistakes and learned many lessons about fatherhood. I’d like to share a few of them:

  • Always show love and respect for your wife. She deserves it and your behavior will set the tone for your kid’s interactions with her. This statement holds true even if you aren’t with your children’s mother.

  • Give your kids as much of your time as they need. They need a lot.

  • Don’t try to relive your life through your children. If they don’t like football or music or fishing as much as you do, it’s okay. Let them discover their own interests.

  • Push your children beyond their comfort zones. Don’t allow fear to hinder their success.

  • Read to your children often. Your voice is soothing to them and you will give them the gift of literacy.

  • Set high expectations for your kids and yourself. Support and encourage one another when you falter.

  • Play tag, hide and seek, dolls, kickball and video games.

  • Wipe their tears when they cry.

  • Admit your mistakes and apologize.

  • Let your kids fight their own battles, but make sure they know that you will always protect them from serious threats.

  • Teach your kids to respect and obey authority, but make sure they understand that they have the right to stand up for what they believe in.

  • Give them something to believe in.

  • Model the behavior that you want them to emulate.

  • Find a group of men that you can rely on and lean on them heavily.

  • Be consistent when applying discipline.

Fatherhood is the hardest and most fulfilling job that you’ll ever have. Make the most of it. Your kids will thank you.

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