My Journey From Single Guy to Married Man

In 1997, I married the woman of my dreams. We first met at our college’s campus newspaper office. She was the consummate journalist and I was a guy looking to use my writing skills to make some extra cash to pay my rent. Despite our differences, we managed to make a connection.

After graduation, KayEm moved to Atlanta, GA and I moved to Ghent, KY. Maintaining a long-distance relationship was tough, but we managed to remain connected through phone calls, hand-written letters, and frequent visits.

Three months later, she moved to Roanoke, VA and I moved to Reston, VA. Because of our proximity, we were able to visit more frequently, but it wasn’t the same as living in the same city. Within the next few months we both moved again – her to Lexington, KY and me to Brunswick, GA. It was actually in Brunswick where I proposed to my wife (this story involves roulette, vomiting, and a boat).

After my proposal, we made plans to get to the same city. We chose Jacksonville, FL since it was relatively close to my job (72 miles). Once Kim and I were settled into our new apartments, we commenced the wedding planning. Since KayEm is from St. Louis, we had to hold the ceremony and reception there. Planning a wedding is stressful, but planning a wedding in another state is extremely nerve-racking. To compound the difficulty, KayEm’s parents lived in Virgina, her sister lived in Ohio, and my family lived in Texas. Thankfully, KayEm, had a trustworthy friend who lived in St. Louis and could scout locations for us.

After a year of planning, our wedding date finally arrived. We were married on August 30, 1997 in Graham Chapel at Washington University. It was a beautiful wedding complete with a harp, calla lilies and 200 friends and family.

We enjoyed being married so much, that we decided to do it again 13 years later in Las Vegas.

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