30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #8 – Something That Makes Me Angry

While sitting in my office this morning, I received a call from my wife.

“Hey, honey,” KayEm said. “They denied my credit card at the grocery store.”

“Really,” I said, “Because the same thing happened to me at the coffee shop this morning. I guess I need to call the credit card company to find out what’s going on.” I hung up the phone and looked up my account online. The words, ACCOUNT RESTRICTED, flashed across the screen in bold red letters.

As I prepared to dial the toll free number, KayEm called me back.

“Did you charge $420.00 at a gas station?”

‘Um, no because I don’t own a Hummer,” I said.

“Well someone did,” she said. “The credit company just called.”

I couldn’t believe it. How did someone get my credit number? The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I had to get off the phone with KayEm to cool off a bit.

After pacing my office for several minutes, I returned to my computer to start working on protecting my identity. I printed my credit reports to look for any other problems. Thankfully, there were none. To be safe, I placed a fraud alert with the credit reporting agencies.

I was quite aggravated by this whole chain of events. I also felt quiet violated. Someone had taken my personal information and tried to use it for their advantage. Sadly, this isn’t the first time that I’ve had this feeling. I felt it once before when someone hacked into my e-mail account.

I hope that you’re never a victim of identity theft. If you are, please follow these measures. But the best way to deter identity theft is to remain vigilant by checking your accounts frequently.

Stay Strong,

Question: Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? If so, how did you deal with it?

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