30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #15 – A Fond Memory

I remember making mix tapes when I was a kid. At first I had to record the songs from the radio. I hated it when the DJ would talk through a part of the song and ruin my recording. After a while, I learned to time the recordings without capturing any of the commercials. I never managed to eliminate the tape hiss or the background sounds of my mother cooking dinner.

When I got my boombox with double cassettes, I was in Heaven. A package of blank tapes and some cassette albums gave me infinite mixtape making options. I’d spend hours fast-forwarding, rewinding, and fast-forwarding again to cue the tapes to the right song. The reward was a cassette filled with my favorite songs, in my preferred order that I could listen to on my Walkman.

Things are much easier now because you can quickly make a playlist on your computer or iPod.

But there are few things more romantic than handing a girl a mixtape of songs that remind you of her.

Stay Strong,

Question: Did you ever make mixtapes?

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