What’s in My Wallet

What's in your wallet

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I try not to carry too much stuff in my wallet because I don’t like the way a huge wallet feels in my back pocket. In fact, I carry a card holder instead of a wallet.

The smaller card holder prevents me from carrying much cash and I no longer keep pictures of my family in my wallet because I have them on my cell phone.

Below are the things that are currently in my wallet:

  • Driver’s license
  • Bus pass
  • Health Insurance card
  • Corporate credit card
  • Personal credit card
  • County Public Library card
  • City Public Library Card
  • Parking receipt
  • 2 Wendy’s gift cards
  • Starbucks gift card
  • Zoo Member card
  • Frequent buyer cards
    • Great Southern Music
    • Aladin Buffet & Grill
    • Java City
    • Skyline Deli
  • Mocha Dad business card

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Question: What’s in your wallet or purse?

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