30 Days of Mocha Dad: Day #10 – My Favorite Quote

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind… – Romans 12:2 from The Holy Bible

I first read this quote when I was in college and it immediately resonated with me.  I copied it to a piece of notebook paper and taped it to my dorm room wall (right next to my Apollonia 6 poster). I was drawn to the message because I was taking a philosophy class which prompted me to reflect on my life. I had seen too many stuck in ruts because the world wore them down to the point that they felt as if they had to give up their hopes and dreams in order to conform. I never wanted to live like that. Therefore, I made a promise to myself to constantly transform myself by renewing my mind.

Stay Strong,

Question: What is your favorite quote and why?

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