The Entertainer

One day, my wife, KayEm, went to my daughter, Nee’s, school to read to her class. When Nee saw KayEm walk into the door, she immediately ran over to give her a hug.

“Mommy,” she said with excitement. “Guess what I did today?”

“I don’t know,” said KayEm. “What did you do?”

“I played The Entertainer on the piano in music class today.”

“You did what?” KayEm asked astounded.

“I played piano for my class today,” Nee repeated. “My teacher was teaching us about different types of music and mentioned The Entertainer. I raised my hand and told her that I knew how to play it. She asked me if I would play it for the class and I did.”

KayEm couldn’t believe what she was hearing. But I wasn’t so surprised. Since Nee has been playing the piano, her confidence has skyrocketed. She is more outgoing and she seems to have no fear about playing in front of people.

Her first opportunity to play in front of an audience was when we asked her to play in our Sunday School class. KayEm and I were doing a lesson on Joshua and the Battle of Jericho and asked Nee if she would play the song, Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho. After some initially hesitation, Nee agreed to do it (here is a video of her learning to play the song a few months ago):

Nee played the song from memory and impressed the class of 5-6 year olds. She was beaming with pride as the kids told her that she a good job.

Later that evening, KayEm had a piano recital (she was playing The Twist) and brought Nee along to watch. When they arrived, the piano teacher asked Nee if she would play the ending to Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho.

Nee looked at her and asked, “Can I play the whole song instead?”

“Sure,” said the teacher a bit surprised. “Go ahead.”

Nee positioned herself on the piano bench and played the song perfectly. The other students gave her a round of applause.

After all of the other students had played their songs, Nee asked her teacher if she could play The Entertainer. Again, the teacher was taken aback by Nee’s request, but agreed to let her play. Nee confidently walked to the piano and started tickling the ivories like a pro.

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