Always Listen to Your Wife

KayEm told me to leave the house earlier, but I disregarded her advice because I’m a seasoned traveler.

My heart stopped as I entered the highway and saw the traffic backed up for miles. I could hear KayEm’s voice in my head, “You should have left earlier…”

I managed to get around the traffic, but my detour didn’t help. When I arrived at the airline desk, the agent at the counter told me that I had just missed the cut-off point for checking in for international flights. Rats!

“I’ll be glad to book you on the next flight,” she offered.

“When is it?” I asked.

“It will leave in six hours,” she said.

“Six hours?” I was aggravated, but it was my own fault. “Go ahead and book it.”

“That’ll be $75.00,” she said. “Which credit card will you use?” Great! I handed over my credit card. She booked the flight and gave me my boarding passes.

“What about my bag?” I asked.

“I can’t check it now,” she said. “You’ll have to come back in an hour.” Wonderful!

I returned in an hour, only to find the airline counter empty. I waited 45 minutes before someone showed up. After the agent checked my bag, I was finally ready to hurry up and wait for my flight.

I was getting a little bit hungry so I sought some food. The choices in the terminal were limited so I settled on McDonald’s. Bad choice! After eating the meal, I felt as if I someone kicked me in the gut. Thankfully, the bookstore across the hall sold antacids ($1.49).

With my stomach settled, I sat down to pass the time on the internet. Because my home airport doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, I had to pay $7.95 for a Boingo account.Ouch!

After wasting six hours and nearly $100.00, one thing became clear: Always listen to your wife.

Stay Strong,

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