Annoying Little Siblings

“Little brothers are so annoying,” said my daughter, Nee, as we drove home from the restaurant.

Her 6-year-old brother was driving her batty with his constant references to poop and other bodily functions.

“You don’t think, X is annoying,” I said. X is her 2-year old brother whom she shares a special bond with. It’s almost like she’s his second mother.

“That’s because he’s not annoying,” she said. “He’s little and cute.”

“In a couple of years you will probably think X is annoying too,” I said.

“I would never think he’s annoying,” she said. “He’s going to be a nice brother.”

N grew tired of listening to our verbal volley and decided to chime in. “I’m going to teach X to be annoying like me.”

“Why would you do that?” Nee asked.

“So we could BOTH annoy you,” he replied.

“That’s a bad idea, N,” she said.

“I think it’s a great idea,” N said.

“You think it’s a good idea now,” she said. “But you won’t think it’s a good idea when he starts to annoy YOU.”

“He’ll never annoy me,” he said.

“Oh, yes he will,” she said. “Younger siblings always annoy older siblings and you’re an older sibling.”

“Awww, man,” N responded.

“Don’t feel too bad,” she said. “At least you’ll only have ONE person annoying you.”

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Question: What do your kids do to annoy one another?

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