Leaving a Legacy

Beth Blair wrote a feature article about me for Father’s Day. Here is an excerpt of the piece that appeared on SheKnows:

Leaving a Legacy

As a father, Fred enjoys getting involved with his kids. He says, “We like to do many things, such as play badminton, draw pictures, play video games, read books, dance and sing karaoke. We also like to go to the park and take road trips.”

The Goodall family also has a special Father’s Day tradition. Fred explains, “Each year my kids make a Father’s Day poster that says ‘Happy Father’s Day,’ with the year. I hold the sign while my kids gather around, and we take a photo. It’s nice to look at those photos and see how our family has grown over the years.”

Raised in a single-parent household, Fred says, “Everything I learned about life and parenting, I learned from my mother. The one thing that my father did teach me was to always be there for my children.”

Fred is certainly there for his children, as he inspires them to live their best lives possible. “I hope to teach my kids many things. I want them to learn to live outside themselves and serve others. Our time on earth is too short to be selfish,” Fred says. “I want teach them to love other people regardless of differences. I want to teach them how to make a marriage work through the example that my wife and I set.”

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Question: What legacy are you leaving for your children?

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