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Each year around Father’s Day, the Houston Texans hold a community event to commemorate fatherhood. This year, they invited dads and their families to special All Pro Dad celebration.

Launched in 1997 with the help of Tony Dungy, then head coach of the 2006 Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts, All Pro Dad gives men the resources and encouragement they need to become better fathers. All Pro Dad is built on a football theme and features more than 50 NFL players, coaches and alumni who speak out on the importance of being a good father.

I’ve wanted to attend one of these events with my sons, X and N, after I learned about All Pro Dad from Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin.

X, my 2-years old son, is a football fanatic. He likes to walk around the house with his little football tucked under his arm. Periodically, he will grab my pant leg and say, “Play tackle, Daddy?” I can never resist his requests so I immediately drop into a three-point stance to defend the imaginary end zone from this pint-sized running back.

Six year old N, on the other, doesn’t care much for football. I have to bribe him with “Fancy Football Snacks” in order for him to watch a game with me. Although there is nothing really fancy about the football snacks (it’s only nachos and Capri Sun drinks), N loves that I allow him to eat them on the living room floor while we root for our team.

Fortunately, both boys like to hang out with Daddy. Therefore they were also eager to attend the event.

All Pro Dad NFL Spokesperson, Freddie Scott II, kicked things off with some encouraging words.

“Being a dad is like being a quarterback,” he said. “You are the leader of your family just like the quarterback is the leader of the team. You have to make wise decisions in order to lead your family well.”

After the opening ceremony, we mingled with Texans coaches and players and participated in several football drills: running wide receiver patterns, kicking field goals, plowing through running back course, blocking, and throwing footballs for accuracy.

We even competed in a best end zone dance contest. N wowed the crowd with the Centipede while X broke out a version of the Funky Chicken that would have made Billy “White Shoes” Johnson envious. I showed a little fancy footwork with my Running Man touchdown dance.

But I think the boys and I had the most fun just running up and down the field and tackling each other on the AstroTurf. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

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