Art Imitates Life

After church, my daughter, Nee, told us that she volunteered to be one of the actors during Sunday school. We were shocked because Nee is extremely shy and performing in front of an audience is way outside of her comfort zone.

“What was the skit about?” asked my wife, KayEm.

“We had to act out people obeying fully and people obeying partially,” responded Nee.

“What is the difference between the two?” asked KayEm

“When you you do something with a good attitude, you are obeying fully,” said Nee. “But when you obey with a bad attitude, you are only partially obeying.”

“That’s right,” said KayEm.

“I had to be a person who was obeying with a bad attitude,” said Nee.

“So,” I interjected. “You were just playing yourself.”

“Daddy,” she protested. “That’s not nice.”

“Yet it is so true,” I said. “It is nice to know that God has a sense of humor.”

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