Come on Feel the Noise

Even with the noise cancelling headphones, I can still hear the children

Imagine what it would sound like if you were cutting the lawn at a rock concert near an airport as a freight trained barreled past. That sound is nothing compared to the nerve rattling noise produced by three children and a dog.

It was non-stop screaming, yelling and crying from the minute I walked in the door. I thought my head would explode.

The noise reached a crescendo when my son, N, attempted to look at my daughter, Nee’s picture while she was drawing.

“Stop looking at my stuff,” she yelled. Her screams made N more determined to look.

“I SAID STOP!” she yelled even louder.

“Nee,” I said. “You need to calm down.”

“I can’t calm down,” she said. “He’s bothering me!” She grabbed all of her art supplies and ran to the other room to set up shop. Of course, N followed her.

“STOP LOOKING AT MY STUFF!” Nee screamed. By this time, she was getting hysterical.

“Nee,” I said. “Relax.”

“I can’t,” she said. “He’s making me too angry.” Suddenly, she burst into tears. Her crying caused her 2-year-old brother to start crying. All of this commotion made the dog go berserk. She was barking and howling as if a prowler had entered the house.

I snapped and sent everyone upstairs. Luckily, my wife, KayEm arrived before I could call the circus and offer them the services of three children and a beagle.

“Please take over,” I said as I passed KayEm on the stairs.

“Why?” she asked. “What’s going on?”

“The noise, noise, noise!,” I said. “I can’t stand the noise!”

I went downstairs and located my noise canceling headphones. I plan to wear them for the next 18 years.

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Question: How do you deal with a noisy household?

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