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My 2-year-old son, X, is an avid sports fan. He loves football, basketball, hockey, even mixed martial arts (shhh, don’t tell my wife about that last one). But lately he’s taken up a new spectator sport – Daddy Baff.

Whenever I turn on the water in the shower, he darts into the bathroom and yells, “DADDY BAFF!” Bath time used to be a private activity until I became a dad. I’m all for spending time with my kids, but I’d rather do something that requires clothing. Having a little face stare at me through the Plexiglas is kind of creepy, especially when he starts chanting, “Daddy baff! Daddy baff!” and dancing.

To make things worse, he often grows tired of being a spectator and tries to join in the fun.

“Help Daddy baff,” he says as he opens the shower door and tries to step inside.

“No, thank you, buddy,” I say pushing him out. “Daddy doesn’t need any help.”

Although disappointed, he never presses any further. He simply occupies himself by singing “The Daddy Baff Song.

When I’m done, he grabs my towel and opens the door for me.

“All done daddy baff?” he asks.

“Yes,” I say. “Daddy is all done with his bath. Thank you for your participation.” X waits until I wrap the towel around my waist and then marches out of the bathroom singing a few more bars of his song.

I’m just glad he never asks for an encore.

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