Hero is Another Name for Daddy

My kids and I are comic book geeks. We love to watch superhero cartoons and movies. One of our favorite shows is Teen Titans. Although the series has been canceled for a few years, we still try to catch reruns whenever we can.

After watching the show one morning, the kids and I decided to analyze the episode.

“The thing I liked about this episode,” said my daughter, Nee. “Was that it was full of surprises.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “There were many plot twists.”

“It was interesting how the bad guy tricked Raven into believing he was the good guy,” she said.

“But he was really the dragon, right?” I said.

“Yeah,” Nee said. “He was the evil dragon.”

We continued with our discussion until I noticed a confused look on Nee’s face.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked.

“What was the hero’s name, by the way?” She asked. “I can’t remember. I think it began with ‘D.'”

“If it began with the letter ‘D,'” said my son, N. “Then the hero’s name was probably Daddy.”

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