Mocha Dad’s Top 10 Commented Posts of 2009

Comments are like gold to bloggers. They allow us to receive feedback from and interact with our audience. Sometimes we are praised and other times we are criticized. But we appreciate all comments because we enjoy conversing with our readers. Comments, good or bad, encourage us to keep producing content that readers will respond to.

I treasure every comment I receive because I realize how much of a time sacrifice it is to read a post and leave a response. That’s why my heart flutters whenever I log on to my dashboard and I see comments awaiting my approval.

In 2009, I received more comments than in any previous year. Your insight, advice, and commentary have made blogging a richer experience for me. I’m looking forward to interacting with you much more in 2010.

Without further adieu, here are the posts that generated the most reader discussion:

1. Marriage is for White People – Statistics on marriage would indicate that black people don’t subscribe to the institution of marriage (55 comments).

2. Dirty Diapers and the Male Anatomy – My daughter, Nee, cleverly gets out of changing her baby brother’s diaper (45 comments).

3. The Graduate – My son, N, completes the rigorous course load of Pre-K (44 comments)

4. (tie) Mocha Dad Goes Camping – My first camping trip turns into a battle against nature (40 Comments), Father’s Day 2009: The Day I Became a Father – I recount how I felt when each of my children were born (40 Comments)

5. Mean Girls – My daughter, Nee, has a hard time dealing with elementary-aged girls who seem to be out to get her (39 comments)

6. (tie) Taxicab Confessions – This is most popular post that I have ever written on this blog. More than 2000 people read it within the first hour of being published (36 comments), An Artistic Journey – I share my love of art with my children (36 comments), The Delightful Dozen – I celebrate 12 years of marriage with my beautiful wife, KayEm (36 comments)

7. (tie) On Purpose Accident – The post where somebody pees in the trashcan (35 comments), The Case Against Having Kids – More couples are deciding to skip parenthood and live a life of “freedom” (35 comments).

8. Let’s End Domestic Violence: A Challenge to All Fathers I discuss my commitment to ending domestic violence (34 comments).

9. Hair Styling is No Job for Daddies – My Daughter, Nee, doth protest too much when I attempt to touch her hair (32 comments).

10. (tie) First Love – My son, N, falls in love for the first time (30 comments), And God Created Cherries – I tried to eat some cherries in peace, but my children wouldn’t allow it (30 comments).

Thank you so much for reading my blog this year. I have great things coming up in 2010. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to e-mail or feed updates. I’d also appreciate it if you would share Mocha Dad with your friends. And of course, I’d love to hear your comments.

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