Lover and a Fighter


He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee

My 2-year-old son X packs a punch. His older brother, N, and teddy bear, Tex, both found out the hard way.

N was X’s first victim. X doesn’t suffer fools well and N was doing something that displeased him. X tried screaming, but N wouldn’t stop his annoying behavior. After a while, X could take no more. He balled up his tiny fist and punched his brother squarely in the gut. N grabbed his stomach and fell to the floor moaning in pain.

But X was not done. He pounced on N like an MMA fighter and continued pummeling him.

My wife, KayEm, was horrified by this display of violence.

“Stop hurting your brother,” she yelled.

X stopped punching N and looked up at KayEm with the face of an angel. He smiled at her and then started kissing his brother gently on the cheek. He understood that “a soft answer turns away wrath.” His mother’s heart melted and his brother forgave him.

Unfortunately, X did not learn his lesson. Later that night, X was trying out some new kickboxing moves on his new stuffed teddy bear, Tex. When KayEm saw him abusing the poor teddy, she immediately intervened. “Don’t hurt Tex,” she said. “He’s a nice bear.”

X turned towards KayEm, blew her a kiss, and continued beating up Tex.

What a little rascal.

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