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As you may know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Here are a few more statistics about Domestic Violence, from a 2008 CDC survey:

  • 23.6% of women and 11.5% of men reported at least one lifetime episode of intimate-partner violence.
  • In households with incomes under $15,000 per year, 35.5% of women and 20.7% of men suffered violence from an intimate partner.
  • 43% of women and 26% of men in multiracial non-Hispanic households suffered partner violence.
  • 39% of women and 18.6% of men in American Indian/Alaska Native households suffered partner violence.
  • 26.8% of women and 15.5% of men in white non-Hispanic households suffered partner violence.
  • 29.2% of women and 23.3% of men in black non-Hispanic households suffered partner violence.
  • 20.5% of women and 15.5% of men in Hispanic households suffered partner violence.

It is clear that domestic violence affects many people’s lives. In my previous post, I wrote about my experience with Domestic Violence. Now I want to take it a step further.

Through the month of October, I will donate $0.50 to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) for every comment I receive on each of my blog. If you tweet this post using #stopd0mesticviolence, I will add another $0.10 to the pot. If you make a donation of any amount to NCADV, I will add another $1.00 (make sure I know about it).

Although this cause is important to me, I cannot afford to leave the donation amount open; therefore, I will place a cap of $250.00 on it. Thank you in advance for your help and support. If we can help just one woman or child to escape an abusive relationship, this effort will be worthwhile.

Stay Strong,

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