The Delightful Dozen

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My wife, KayEm, and I recently celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary. During these 12 years, we have shared many experiences – some good, some bad – but through it all, we have persevered. God has blessed us with three beautiful children and a marriage based on mutual trust and admiration.

To celebrate, we spent a kid-free weekend in Dallas, TX. I can’t remember the last time we were able to get away without the children, but I’m glad that we were afforded the opportunity. We relaxed, had fun, and relaxed some more. But more importantly, I got to reconnect with the woman of my dreams.

I doubt that I could ever love anyone the way I love KayEm. No one knows me better than she does. All the secrets of my heart are hers. I truly adore her.

She is my greatest blessing and my brightest light. She makes my life full of beautiful things each day.

She is my best friend, my companion, the one who makes life worth living.

She is my lover, my hot thang, the one who fuels my desire.

She my queen, my one true love, the one who fills my life with passion.

Her kiss warms my soul.

Stay Strong,

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